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Opening Day and Film Screening, "Movement in Paper" at Dilena Taleyama – Thursday, May 1

The Center for Japanese Study writes:

“Movement in Paper” pushes the boundaries of Origami with creations that delight and inspire through their design, innovation, and interaction. The collection brings together Bay Area locals and international Origami artists to showcase the transformation of Origami into modern paper sculpture from an ancient ceremonial art in Japan.


Thursday, May 1st, 5-8 pm

The event includes a film screening, interactive folding workshop, performance Origami, presentations, live music, and refreshments.

1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - Film screenings, “Between the Folds” (90 mins). Location: Richard Oakes Multicultural Library. “Between the Folds” is an award–winning documentary directed and produced by Vanessa Gould, chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers—all to forge unconventional lives as modern–day paper folders. Meet Chris Palmer, a featured artist in the film.

5:30 and 7:30 pm – Live and Interactive Origami Folding. Location: Richard Oakes Multicultural Conference Room. Featuring Linda T. Mihara - award winning origami artist and Goran Konjevod - origami artist/ designer. 6:30 pm - Opening Ceremony

Presented by the Dilena Takeyama Center for the Study of Japan and Japanese Culture and the Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez Student Center.

More information here

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